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Tannas Solicitors were great in solving our case. Apart from providing a great level of service and knowledge, they made us feel comfortable and relaxed while the case was being looked at and after the outcome. We are very thankful for helping us get our leave to remain in the UK. In the future we would be go nowhere else for any legal advice or any case we need to get looked at or solved
Liliana Mariuxi Heras Calle, Ecuador

This is humble feedback regarding Tannas Solicitors.The solicitor that I have been dealing with is the most delightful lady, most polite and very attentive in listerning to the problem thoroughly and responds professionally to the point. The take on the case is always accurate and results are always delivered promptly.

Tannas Solicitors have been very helpful in getting my niece's student visa and a number of other cases that I have reffered have prasied the work of Tannas Solicitors. Such solicitors are an assest to society.
Ms R. Ahmed

We have used Tannas Solicitors and found the service very friendly and professional. Our case was solved very quickly with good results.I would definitely recceommend Tannas Solicitors to all my friends and family.
Tomasz Basack, Poland

Tannas Solicitors provides an approachable, profesional and efficient service. I, as well as members of my family as a result of my reccommendation, have used Tannas Solicitors for various reasons. The service has always been excellent and I will continue to reccommend their services.

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